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Sep 22, 2016
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    What is it?

    GodPvP is a server on the Broncin Network, As clearly in the name, you have Powers of the Gods and it's a Player v Player LMS fight to see who has what it takes to win!
    Each Player has 3 lives each.


    Carrot Kit

    - A Lighting Carrot (Strikes a Lightening Bolt once Left Clicked.)
    - A CarrotNado (Throws all Carrot Haters in the

    Demon Kit

    - Fireball (Fires a Ghast Fireball once Left Clicked.)
    - Fire Dust (Shoots and Sets Fire to other Players.)

    Archer Kit

    - Bow (Infinity 1, Shoots Multiple and Exploding Arrows, Boom!)
    - Kitty Cannon (Fires Exploding Cats, MeowBoom!)

    Knight Kit

    - Sword (Knockback 10, Fire Aspect 2. Shoots Arrows once Left Clicked too!)
    - Noble Steed (Unleash a Horse every 3 minutes!)

    Wizard Kit

    - Wizards Staff (Shoots Crazy Magic at Players once Left Clicked!)
    - Jump Potion (Makes you Propel into the Air once Left Clicked!)
    - Wizard Monster Egg (Spawns in 3 Ghasts once Right Clicked!)
    - Healing Star (Heals you in 1 Right Click, May have Side Effects!)
    r u a wizrd hry?

    Got any suggestions for GodPvP to make it better? click this: https://www.broncin.net/threads/suggest-features-here.1707/

    If you wish to find out more about GodPvP, use the list below or the Wiki Navigation on the right side of you're screen!
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