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Jul 29, 2016

  • Section 1.0 - Introduction
    Welcome to the Broncin City forums. Here, you can join the amazing forums community, apply for a staff position, request support, and much more. For additional forum information, click one of the two links above. If you would like to see any further information in this section of the Wiki, feel free to make a post in 'Request Support'.

    Section 1.1 - Creating an account
    To create an account, you will start by clicking the "Log in or Sign up" button in the top right hand corner of the website. Once you have clicked this, you will need to put in a username/email that you would like your account to be named, then click "No, create an account now". This will redirect you to a page in which you will need to fill in a bit of information. Once completed, an email will be sent to your email address provided to confirm your account. Go check your email and confirm your email by clicking the link and you will be able to post on the website!

    Section 1.2 - Posting
    Ah, so I hear you want to start posting? Well to do so, you will first need to find a section in which you want to post. Once you have found this section in the upper right hand corner, it will say "Post new thread". If you click this option, you will be creating a whole new topic about the section you selected. The other method of posting is to "reply" to an already open thread. To do so, you will need to find a open post and scroll down to the bottom of the page. Here, you will find a open text box in which you can type what you wish to reply to that specific topic. Remember that every post must be 20 characters and never comment on a post that is more than 3 weeks old.

    Section 1.3 - Setting a Profile Picture & Signature
    Setting your profile picture & signature is a very important part of the forums. This will allow you to look snazzy and allow people to remember you by your profile picture/signature. To change your profile picture, you will want to hover over your name in the top left hand corner and click "Personal details". Here, you can change your profile picture. To change your signature, you need to hover over your name once again and click "Signature".

    Section 1.4 - Requesting Support
    If you are ever in need of assistance from a member of staff, this is the place to post. Before posting a topic, make sure to read the Frequently Asked Questions section which can be found here. The support section can be found here. Be sure to fully explain your issue when posting so a member of staff can assist you in every possible way. In this section, you can request forums awards or just general support regarding in-game.

    Section 1.5 - Broncin Staff
    Ever wondered who was on the Broncin Network staff team? Well now you can view them here.

    Section 1.6 - Applying for staff
    Applying for staff is a very simple but difficult thing to do, in order to apply you will first need to meet these requirements : Moderator: Requirements Officer : Requirements . Once you have meet there requirements you will want to copy the format provided on those pages and paste it onto a new thread in that section. Make sure to include as much information as needed, repeating information will not help your application. Using the "KISS" (Keep It Short and Simple) is a very good method to being accepted. When making your desired application, do not make multiple applications, edit the previous one. Lastly if you were wondering what it is like to be an Officer or Moderator, you can view that here or here .

    Section 1.7 - Donating & Voting
    While you are on the broncin forums, you may of noticed the "Shop" and the "Vote" section. In these sections, you can vote for rewards and donate for Ranks & other items. Make sure that you remember some donator Ranks only last a certain period where others last forever.

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