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Sep 22, 2016
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    Creative you want? Creative you get!

    What is it?
    The Creative server is a place where you can build whatever you want (as long as it doesn't violate the rules). Players are able to build in privately owned 64x64 areas called plots. Each plot has only one owner and each player can have up to 2 plots. All plots are in the same world, so you can view what other people have made. You can even collaborate with others and build on the same plot if choose to do so.

    First time joining:
    Once you join the server, you will find yourself in an amazing spawn. If you want to start building, you have two options. You can either type /plot auto to receive a plot automatically, or you can type /plot claim in a specific plot that you would like to claim. Both options however will leave you with your own plot.

    Useful commands:
    Side note: Helpers are players who have been given access to build and destroy on another player's plot.
    /plot claim —Claims the plot that you are in.
    /plot auto —Automatically claims a plot for you.
    /plot h:[plot#] —Warps you to your plot(s).
    /plot h:[plot#] <player> —Warps you to another player's plot.
    /plot list — lists all plots that you can build in.
    /plot info —Shows info on the plot that you are standing in.
    /plot biome <biome> — Allows you to set the biome of a plot.
    /plot clear — Resets the plot you are standing in back to its original untouched state.
    /plot reset —Clears the plot and removes the owner.
    /plot done —Flags a plot as complete.
    /plot dispose —Removes the owner of a plot. Useful if you want to claim a different plot or no longer want the plot.
    /plot add <player> — Adds a player as a helper in a plot.
    /plot remove <player> —Removes a player as a helper in a plot.
    /plot protect —Flags a plot as protected (not very necessary).
    /plot deny <player> — Forbids a player from entering a plot.
    /plot undeny <player> —Removes a player from a plot's denied list.

    Note: Plot-modifying commands (anything that changes a plot's characteristics and settings) are location-sensitive and must be executed in the plot you want the command to affect. Commands that do not modify a plot can be executed anywhere. There are a few exceptions though.
    WorldEdit commands will not be listed due to the sheer number of them.

    Like the City server, you can donate (https://broncin.net/pages/shop/) for special perks. WorldEdit can be obtained by either buying a rank or using points in the in-game pointshop by typing /shop pointshop.​

    To view more things about the Creative server, use the list below or the Wiki Navigation on the right side of your screen.
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