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Well good-bye

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by neveldraz, Sep 11, 2018.

  1. neveldraz

    neveldraz Dragon Slayer

    Well, I quit 2 months ago. But, I decided it was best to leave a more formal farewell.
    It was a bumpy ride, I enjoyed all of it, the highs and the lows, and it will be hard to forget. This will be rather oddly structured, and I apologise for that in advance.
    Now for some confessions, to let off all the bad stuff I did, I never told anyone.
    (These were all related to the old server by the way, before the reset)
    -I bounty abused a lot with people through discord and skype, (we arranged all down to the number of hits, to make it seem legit in case someone was watching, a lesson I later forgot, oh well)
    -I did use a dupe glitch, once, to hijack 2 double chests worth of apples, this was because at the time I was building an auto apple farm, (high advanced, with slime blocks and all that) with a return of arounf 500-k-1 million (excluding costs), and their was a redstone update coming up or something, or in the event server lag would lower productivity to 200k an hour, I duped in apples. Not my proudest moment.
    -I attempted several coups against Sxsniper (old mayor of Amsterdam), because it was believed he was a raider, however he destroyed his town, and then robbed everyone of everything they had.

    Ok, now for a quick backstory, of how I got here, and also the names of the peeps who helped me.

    I logged in 3 years ago (wow, what a blast). I was invited by a friend named justifyletters (shout out to him). Anyways he gave me cash to become farmer, then I worked my way up, rather slowly to citizen, (then drug lord) I met some cool folks, like Porki, Stratos, Lord_Neddard, ivanzyu, th3m3w, Katie_Holly_, cauldronofsouls and Marue.

    I joined KitKatVille, then got kicked for robbing a staff member.

    Afterwards I joined Lord_Neddards town, built a house, then I quit since I had nothing better to do, also my pc couldn't log me on to broncin for the life of me.

    Then one day justifyletters messages me, hey there is this new town called Paris come and join.

    Well I logged on, found out my house was taken away for inactivity, and all my stuff was stolen. So I joined Paris, spent some time there, built a house and a manual sugar farm (returns of 100k an hour, fealt amazing at the time). Anyways then this rude dude, who was up to no good. Named Azera_321 logs on, tells somethingto justify, and justify goes all nutso, and trys to blow up the town, but he fails, and the other co-mayor logs on, and kicks him.

    So yeah we became sorta weird and isolationist, I became co-mayor, for being loyal. Then 1 day I log on, to help out with the finances, and I get killed by predaking, all my stuff stolen. I plead with Lord_Neddard to let me rejoin his town and pay to reclaim the vital parts of the town (my house and the sugar farm, which were right next to each other) sadly preda claimed half of it.Anyways Lord_Neddard eventually re buys the sugar farm, and I live happily and make cash. Then I decided to found a town, and I did something mad, I asked for a million$ loan. And this crazy guy from Wyouming named Cyborg_puppy gave it, and at a low intrest rate at that. I paid off 60% of the loan in a week, and the rest took a while, since I didn't have access to the sugar farm, until a guy named Joar leased it to me. The town was called Tokyo, it had a spawn, a long road and a not comlete government building.

    At this time a guy I once met named Warlysh logs on, and he makes a town also, and he helps out with the loan I was struggling with, (I had 3 days to repay 180k, and Warlysh gave it to me, in exchange for a deal)

    The deal was that Warlysh made a town near an old ex-town, and there was amassive old wheat farm, so we agreed to convert it, into an auto sugar farm.

    He funded it, I built it, although I controlled only 2 of the 9 plots. (I managed to buy the rest, but not without a minor war).

    Anyways all was well, except for the fact, that my town was small, and very underdeveloped it had a long road, an in complete government building, and 3 outposts that weren't impressive either. So not that good.

    Now around this time I began to embrace an idea of Patronage.

    A guy named TargetMatterX later MewMatterX then JoshuBao, founded (well bought from a person, who bought from a person, who bought from ImPaint) a town called Mystica. I helped them with a grant of 50k, in exchange they put my name on a statue near spawn. (Thanks, guys)

    Anyways, I was just making cash, then 1 day half of the sugar cane farm vanished. Warlysh (and his bro Mauski - who later became Vilvet and then they swapped accounts so Warlysh - Vilvet) they decided to build a new auto sugar farm, and took the funds from the old one. He sold back all the land to me, however accidentally destoyed all the redstone agave me 500k reperation, which I accidentally used to pay off a 135k bounty.This started a war, we didn't speak for 2 weeks, then I apologised and squashed the beef.

    The 2 got banned for pvp hacking for 2 months, meanwhile Helsinki still had like 20 mill in the bank so they had nothing to worry about.

    Anyways Mystica was now important, as they built a super efficient super cheap auto sugar farm. Then I decided to build 1 too (except it was smaller, like 40% the size of theirs) however it was good enough for me. (Side note I spent almost nothing on it, since I destoyed an old auto sugar cane farm (all the pistons, so double chest worth of from Levias town: Atlantis))

    Also arounf this time, arounf the time I started builfing the 2 auto sugar farm, I did mayor prestiege, (My wife, WhiskerGaming, made my town for me)

    And I did doctors prestiege, I finished the first stage, and worrying that my town will go broke, I quit prestiege. Donating a stack of golden apples. (Never to return again :( )

    Anyways so I decided to build up the auto sugar farm, and I re built my balance to a nice healthy 3-4 mill. I mostly stayed out of anything intresting, just chatting with friends, worrying more about school, and the occasional acts of patronage.

    All that changed whenether they introduced helicopters. I bought 1 the first day, and the second day I found a place which I liked, a possible new location for a town, I wrote down the cords, then later formed an outpost, and poured my heart and soul into the town, I renamed it Alola, it looked simple, however it had a nice tropical vibe (It was in the Jungle)

    Alola (and its new spawn and all) was much better than Tokyo, it had free housing, also a policy of free gear, no taxes, and a nice airport (the terminal was built by ivanzyu) and it had great people like an old crush of min: Katie_holly_ (who awsomelogan2 married minutes before I wanted to propose to her) and this over great guy named TooRandom, he left to do his own thing.

    I also helped fund this 1 town named Bristol with a 50k grant, and later purchased a skyscraper for 200k (one of the first to do so) it also had a tonne of great people, Uk_King_007, Marue, and some others.

    I also helped another small town which was run by Porki, again grants and stuff, plus he had special access to my sugar farms, so I bet that helped.

    I also became a pioneer and early adopter, of the airports (I built mine 4th I think, after Mystica, Vienna and Canada (I think small random town))

    I also wrote a book on how to fly to all of the airports, I preferred flying over warps whenever possible. (Ironcin, now since im training for a pilot irl)

    Anyways, everything else was mostly smooth sailing, building up the town, with more houses (some tree houses built by Katie_Holly_ and some beach houses by ivanzyu, thanks for the help guys)

    until 1 day I was low on wood, and really into redstone, so I embarked on a bunch of dumb ****. Like building an auto wood farm, since I had this weird paranoia, as did my co-mayor, except he was more weirdly paranoid, he (my co-mayor) had a secret base that was connected to a zombie grinder, (I broke the spawner, woops) anyways and in that secret base, I built an auto tree farm (deep inside the mountain) as if one secret base wasn't enough, I built a second one. (Which was pointless since I showed it off to everyone. Below our river docks, we had sub docks, and below them we had the secret base, where I dug a massive 2x2 plots 50 blocks down all cleared out to build an auto apple farm,(the one with the crazy return) and as I was 95% fucking done, the server crashed, and then it didn't re open, for another several months...

    (Side note: I became Emerald donor when I passed 500 hours, which was sometime, but when exactly I couldn't say, when the server shut down I had 982 hours)

    Reset time...

    Server reset, tonnes of people, everyone exstatic, except when they don't release mayor with the reset, in a bout 2 weeks most ppl are gone. I accidentally offended Uk_King_007 (my bad, hes the old and new mayor of Bristol) so I didn't get staff rank in his town.

    I was also briefly a cop, but failed, because I was sometimes uncertain of the rules or something, I don't know.

    Anyways I started building auto pumpkin towers and other farms in Bristol (took a short 1 month break) then went super in, and built 6 auto pumpkin towers, I think return rate was like 60k or something an hour, when we made it into auto pumpkie pie farm, well it went to something crazy like 100k+ an hour, I honeslty cant remember, and I attempted and failed at building a cruise ship, I had a bunvh of other cancelled plans, which were never to fruition which ill post later, but rn, id like to thank everyone, in no order whats so ever lets go:

    -TargetMatterX, MewMatterx, JoshuBao
    -Warlysh, Vilvet
    -TacoChew18, CauldronOfSouls
    -Hailee (Hmr8998)

    Thank you, to all of you, and I am extremely sorry, if I forgot anyone from the list, and thank you to all who made this experience so great.

    This is neveldraz, signing off.
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  2. th3m3w

    th3m3w Officer Officer

    Thanks for mentioning me man. I remember ya as a cop. I believe the reason you failed was because apparently you were to heavily reliant on all the other officers. I sorta call BS on that because of the fact that we were a TEAM and were supposed to help each other
  3. neveldraz

    neveldraz Dragon Slayer

    Thanks, did you read the entire 2000+ word backstory? If so Thanks, a lot.
  4. cjkram195

    cjkram195 Bounty Hunter

    Aren’t you kinda the spokenman for the staff team since no other one announced the shutting down on here? I’d expect you to hold those kind of Criticisms back but then again it’s closing so :/

    Anyways see u later th3m3w you did a great job at being a cop and loyal staff member.
  5. th3m3w

    th3m3w Officer Officer

    I did Nevel xD
    Cya man. I try to hold criticisms back but I mean he asked why before. Might as well tell him imo

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