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Mod application from Mistystoner420.

Discussion in 'Moderator Applications' started by DABEAST_NL, May 10, 2018.


    DABEAST_NL One Hit Wonder

    Hello my name is Berend Tempessy, im 16 years old and im from Europe, the Netherlands. i really love the Broncin so i thought; why not make a mod application! here is the needed information:
    In-game Name: MistyStoner420
    In-game Rank (Must be Civilian or higher):atm member but i had other accounts with citizen
    What time can you moderate the chat? (Ex: 1PM-4PM + your timezone)depends, but most of the time from 3pm till 7pm (and all weekend) not sure what my timeyone is called but i live in west-Europe
    How long have you played on our server?:i started about 2/2.5 years ago but was active for about 1.5 year
    Have you ever been muted or banned?: yes i got falsy banned before the reset, the reason for this was said to be advertisment. and muted? no idea, probably, but then most likely for 10 minutes or so.
    If so, why and for how long?: i first got a one week ban, and then a permanent ban till the reset. i got banned for advertising
    Why do you believe you’re suitable for the Moderation role?: i think i can truely help the server and its players because i have about 5/6 years of minecraft experience and mostly with redstone and commands, and because i think im good at solving problems and helping players with anything that is blocking them
    Extra Information: i also have alot of experience with mods and hacks! i thought this could help the server protect against hackers and or ddosers. i dont have 50hours play time in total on this acc but i had other accounts and combined makes around 75hours.

    This was my appliction for mod, hope i get accepted!
  2. th3m3w

    th3m3w Officer Officer

    There is not alot of information in this application. Also it seems rushed. One way that I feel this is none of your I's are capitalized. You could easily proof read your application to give a better first impression.
    Good Luck
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