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Just Come Back

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by MelCat, May 10, 2018.

  1. MelCat

    MelCat Retired

    I just donated from a gift card I got as a "Dirty Santa" game over X-mas. I think that was all that was left on it. I guess I could have bought spawners for @DoubbleDeath but I'm not even sure if he plays still.
    This server needs to keep going and needs donations and I gave it to them just as a gift and maybe as a peace offering for it seems like all of the drama I caused again.
    My niece came on the other day and said everyone was helpful and nice. (except for hoshi who overreacted when my niece tried to report a problem with the Kilo Client, that I also experienced with my computer and I got bitched at by her for it being my fault somehow. But hopefully Kilo can fix it and everything can be hunky dory)
    I won't be coming back. My work and personal life is overwhelming right now. Maybe once summer starts things will calm down a bit.
    But this is the only minecraft server that I chose to play on and spent most of my money on in the past and made most of my online friends and probably not friends anymore on.
    I'm just tired. Tired of proving myself to people in all aspects of life. Tipton said it was because I'm female, but I don't think that is it.
    I'm small, and used to look like a pawn. (like everyone else) until I got to Microsoft and saw the younger crowd, mostly programmers were dressed like I was when I was in college. I wanted to be that way again. So yeah, I did it. I shaved the sides of my head and back left the top earlobe length and dyed my hair dark purple. I went to a stylist for this. She was upset that it didn't come out purple but a burgundy colour but really no matter what colour I dye my hair it will have red highlights in it. But I got the colouring part of the cut taken off which was like a 200$ and only had to pay for the hair cut. And now I'm not a pawn anymore. And I look good and feel like myself again. (I still have pain physical and the emotional and freaking movements but I have come to terms that its just me. And I can't do anything about it at least I am wanted and needed in this world again by my real friends family and work) Anyway I don't know why I am writing all of this crap again and again. I need to put it in my journal I guess.
    So no I have this kick ass hair do and I can dress however I want to work, but whenever I have to go to these meetings with the Overlords of microsoft in their suits and ties and other women who look like every other one out there, I used to have to prove myself to them too. But now I'm a respected project manager who does know her **** and can explain it to these overlords in a way they can understand (in that r2d2c3p0 language which I was joking as before. I don't like throwing jargon at people who might not understand what we are talking about) But I also can answer to the Big boy/girl tech language when some guy or woman who knows their **** throws something my way, and I can answer it in the same "r2d2c3p0" language I don't want to say what a kid could understand, because I know kids that can understand a crap ton more than these stuffed shirts do because I want to keep them in the conversation.... like before I get banned from the discord server.... (caugh caugh @Hoshi) So most of my stuff out there on Broncin discord went unanswered not because I didn't know how to answer it, it was because I was banned before I could give an answer. (@Stu and Hoshi) I am not saying I know everything that is out there in the computer science field but I do know enough to get me a pretty sweet job at microsoft and I might not type as fast as my 12 year old son, but I can still type without looking at the keyboard or when my boss is talking to me which drives him bat shitcrazy because he doesn't know if I am listening to him or not. But yeah, I was listening to him, especially when he said that he was going home early for an emergency today and I decided to take an "off campus meeting" and do the same after he left.
    And I did apologize and I'm not joining Broncin Discord and please don't spam my Broncin discord box for donating. Just take me off the list now. I get enough crap from expedia and hotels and other concert ticket sites.
    Well anyway. I am suggesting that other people come back. And please stop Discording me your hate mail against Broncin.That is what the Admins are for. I posted some remarks sent by you guys to @Rocken1
    anonymously that pretty much got the gist of all of the complaints from other players.
    I don't hate Broncin. I want it to succeed, And if that means that Kilo is going to be a part of it than just deal with it. That is why I donated. So someone please beat my top donator mark for the month. You have 21 days do to that which is plenty of time.
    Well, bye again I guess.
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