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Notice How to Apply for Officer

Discussion in 'Officer Applications' started by DeanUK, Mar 19, 2014.

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  1. DeanUK

    DeanUK Part Robot Owner

    Before applying for Officer please ensure you meet the following requirements:
    • Be respectful to all players
    • Have played on the server for at least 25 hours.
    • Be the rank of Member
    • Be fair and mature
    • Know and understand both server and city rules
    • Have a good understanding of the city laws.
    If you meet the following requirements please copy (Highlight + Right Click + Copy) the following application format and create a new topic completing the form. You will need a forum account to do so.

    When filling out the application please keep in mind that we are only looking at bans/mutes from Broncin 2.0. No need to include any prior punishments from 1.0.

    If you have any questions regarding applying, please contact a staff member. All staff members are required to sign up to a group text chat program in order to communicate effectively.

    Do NOT make multiple applications for the same position. If you'd like to add something to your application, please use the 'Edit' button at the bottom of the topic. Creating multiple applications will result in your application being denied.

    You may only create an additional topic if your application has been denied.


    Do I need to inform an admin when I make an application?

    How long does it take for my application to be accepted/denied?
    There is no set time limit. We will accept applications whenever we feel we need more staff.

    Who checks the applications?
    Admins and Sheriffs check applications.

    When will I be accepted/denied?
    There is no set time for this. We will review your application when we have time.

    Why was Bob's application accepted/denied before mine? Even though I posted my application before Bob!
    This is generally a good thing. It means that we are considering your application and haven't yet made a decision.

    • Killing fugitives is NOT a good way to become a cop. Be nice to fugitives.
    • Do NOT ask admins to view your application, they will view it occasionally, it is also recommended to not talk about your application much. Doing this could result in a lower chance of being accepted.
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