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City Server Rules:

Section 1 - Foreword
Section 2 - Chat and Forum Rules
Section 3 - Mods, Clients, Texture Packs and 3rd Party Programs
Section 4 - Exploiting
Section 5 - Griefing, Building and Town Rules
Section 6 - Miscellaneous
Section 7 - Discord Rules

Section 1 - Foreword

1.1 - Exhaustiveness of the Rules
The below list of rules is not exhaustive. While we do our best to include to every single rules and every single possible scenario, it's simply not possible to do so. So, a general rule of thumb is that if what you are going to do might offend/annoy someone or give you an unfair advantage over other players, it's probably against the rules.

1.2 - Clarification of Rules
For clarification of rules, please do not hesitate to directly contact a staff member. The below rules may result in punishment being taken against your account. By using our services, you agree to be governed by the list of rules outlined below.

1.3 - Disregard of Rules
Showing disregard to the rules outlined below is not an excuse. Disregard for the rules will not be tolerated and those who show disregard will be heavily punished due to this lack of respect. The senior administrative team determines what is classed as disregarding rules. This also includes encouraging others to break the rules.

1.4 - Updating of the Rules
The below set of rules may be updated, revised and altered at any time when seen fit by the Administrative team. While we will often attempt to do our best to inform you of any rule changes, that may not always be possible. And as such, it is therefore your responsibility to ensure that you are up to date with the rules in order to avoid breaking the rules.

Section 2 - Chat and Forum Rules

"Chat and Forum" are rules which are enforceable on either the main server chat or on any part of the Broncin website.

2.1 - Advertising
"Advertising" includes sharing a server IP, mentioning a server name or making reference to another server. You may mention YouTubers/Twitch/any other social media platform, but you may not advertise it with the intention of promoting the channel. The only time you may promote your YouTube/Twitch/Twitter/Swag account is if you have permission from an Admin. This "permission" is not permanent, it will only last until that Admin either leaves or says it ends.

2.2 - Spamming
Spamming is not tolerated as it irritating and annoying for all of Broncin's users. Spamming refers to the repeated sending of messages. You should always wait at least 3 seconds before sending messages (in-game). Spamming also refers to the sending of message(s) which are seemingly random (eg aodjeifjrerd9etu9jfeswg1234). Repeated sending messages regarding things such as the selling of carrots (yay carrots!) can be considered as spam based on the frequency of the messages being sent. In the case of shop advertising, you must wait at least 5 minutes before re-sending your advertisement message. "Leet text" and alternating uppercase/lowcase letters (tYpInG lIkE tHiS) is also considered spam. Using excessive and unnecessarily repetitive characters is consider spam (eg "noooooooo"). You also may not encourage spam.

2.3 - Player harassment & Respecting Players
We do not want the chats on the server filled with insults to one another, remember it is only a game. Harassing other players in chat will not be allowed as it is taking away the fun for others. This includes any toxic chat against other players in chat, any sort of toxic behavior will be met with punishment.

2.4 - Links
Posting links in the chat is not allowed unless the links go to "broncin.net" or some other Broncin related thing.

2.5 - Profanity
Profanity is allowed but derogatory swear words are not allowed such as racial slurs.

2.6 - Private Messages and Towny Chat
Most of the rules listed above also apply in these chats. The only expection is profanity (in town chat). This may be allowed / disallowed / moderated by your town mayor or assistants. The administrative team usually refrain from moderating these chats unless serious rule breaking occurs.

2.7 - Discussion of Illegal Activities
We are good law abiding citizens. We don't want to discuss where you've buried the bodies.

2.8 - Disruptive Users
If you are found to be purposely acting in such a way to try cause disruption in chats than you may face action against your account/s from the administration team.

2.9 - Defamation
The communication of a false statement that harms the reputation of a player or Broncin Network is not tolerated. Impersonating Broncin and/or its staff or players is also forbidden.

2.10 - Impersonating Staff
Impersonating staff through the use of name changes (or nicknames) is not tolerated and will result in serious punishment. Mini-modding is considered impersonating staff. Please do not mini-mod while staff are online. However if there are no staff online feel free to inform someone if they break a rule but it is not acceptable to make threats about mutes.

2.11 - Necro-Posting
Forum threads are deemed inactive after not having a response for more than 3 months. By posting on inactive threads you are necro-posting. This is against our rules, by breaching this you will be given a 1 point warning. Accumulation of warnings may result in automatic forum bans for extended periods of time..

2.12 - Personal Information
The release of someone's personal information (for example: real name, address etc) is strictly forbidden.

2.13 - Political Conversation
Political Conversation is fine, but if you go indepth with the conversation and/or arguments arise, it is no longer allowed and the conversation must be dropped.

Section 3 - Mods, Clients, Texture Packs and 3rd Party Programs.

3.1 - Hacked Clients
Hacked clients are not allowed.

3.2 - Mods
All mods must be approved by the Administrative team before you may use them. Using unapproved mods is not allowed, as they can provide an unfair advantage over other players. Anyone caught not using one of the approved mods may face action against their account. Approved Mods: http://broncin.net/threads/accepted-mods-on-the-server.77/ If you believe a mod should be added to the list, contact an administrator.

3.3 - X-Ray
X-Raying (including the use of mods, programs and texture packs) is not allowed. It provides an unfair advantage over other players. X-Raying also includes the exploitation of bugs in Minecraft in order to see through chunks and so forth.

3.4 - 3rd Party Programs
Any 3rd Party Programs are not allowed. If you believe a certain program should be allowed, please contact an member of the Administrative team for it to be reviewed.

Section 4 - Exploiting

"Exploiting" includes exploiting bugs, using loop holes and abusing glitches.

4.1 - General Exploiting
Exploiting is strictly forbidden. Abusing bugs or otherwise making use of something that is not intended will not be tolerated. Exploiting items, money, ranks (etc) will usually result in a permanent Network Ban with no option to unlock. If you experience a bug that gives you an unfair advantage, you must report it to an administrator immediately.

4.2 - Bounty Exploiting
"Bounty Exploiting" is the abuse of the bounty system. This includes Person 1 allowing Person 2 to accept Person 1's bounty and letting Person 2 kill them in order to avoid being legitimately killed. This will often warrant a 3 day ban for all parties involved.

4.3 - Exploiting Commands
"Exploiting Commands" is the term given or when a player uses commands to do things they shouldn't be doing. For example setting homes in places they should not be or using commands to see what admins are online if any. Punishment is up to the admins discretion

Section 5 - Griefing, Building and Town Rules

For further information regarding griefing: http://broncin.net/threads/towny-rules.90/

5.1 - City Griefing
In the event that you are able to build in the city areas, you may not grief the city. Doing so will immediately result in a permanent ban.

5.2 - "Major" Griefing
"Major" Griefing is the griefing of a town (or other protected building in the wilderness) that would require one person to spend more than 30 minutes of their time to clean it up. Destorying 3 or more purchased monster spawners is also deemed "Major". Punishments will be issued for Major Griefing and the grief will be rolled back by an Admin. Surrounding a fellow town or outpost is also considered major griefing.

5.3 - "Minor" Griefing
"Minor" Griefing is griefing which does not meet the requirements of "Major" Griefing. Punishment is not issued for "Minor" Grieifing and the grief will not be rolled back by one of those awesome Admin people.

5.4 - Claiming Town Areas
Claiming townland within the Broncin City area is not allowed. Your claim will be removed without refund. So please don't do it! You may not claim areas of land directly surrounding other towns.

5.5 - Limitations regarding types of Farms

Cactus Farms - Max number of Cactus Blocks allowed in one town (including all outposts): 5,000 blocks.

Animal Farms - Large amounts of animals may not be farmed in an enclosed area. There must be at least 1 block of space in the farm for each animal. (Eg, 50 cows must have a 50 block area for a farm).

Fishing - Automatic fishing/fishing machines are not allowed.

5.6 - Homes in the City area
/sethome is not allowed in the City area. Bypassing this restriction is not allowed.

5.7 - City Plots
In plots within the city borders (both premium and non-premium), you may not use beacons in your plot. You may not use any design which may kill other players (eg secret lava pits). Your plot should be appropriate for PG-13.

5.8 - Item Frame Greifing
Blowing up item frames with helicopters and tanks is strictly forbidden. Doing so will result in a ban.

Section 6 - Miscellaneous

6.1 - Circumventing Restrictions placed on your Account/IP
You may not attempt to circumvent nor bypass any restrictions which have been placed upon your Account or IP. Doing so will result in further (and more serious) action being taken against your account/IP. You may not use a VPN/Proxy while using Broncin's services.

6.2 - Donating for Others / Trading In-Game -> Real Life Money
We understand that sometimes some players simply aren't able to donate by themselves for various reasons. You are allowed to get other people to purchase items from the shop for you. You may not however sell any form of in-game item or perk (eg diamonds!) for other currencies (virtual or real. Eg gift cards).

In order to clarify these rules, please see the scenarios:
Allowed: Bob buys Fred diamond donor and Fred pays Bob 100k (ingame).
Not Allowed: Sally gives Julia 100k (ingame) and Julia gives Sally a $10 gift card to Starbucks.

6.3 - You/Your Town may not have "Public Spawners"
"Public Spawners" are spawners which the general population of Broncin are freely able to access. For example, if I am able to type /t spawn and walk straight to a spawner (natural or purchased) without facing any sort of barriers (eg blocks preventing access, doors preventing access, etc) then that spawner is considered "public" and is against these rules.

However, you are still able to limit access to your spawner(s) as you wish. For example, you are allowed to allow all of your town members to access your spawner(s). You may charge access for outside players to use your spawner(s), using in-game money only. You may grant specific permission to allow a specific person to access your spawner (even if they aren't in your town). However, the must be limited and you cannot allow everyone and anyone access to your spawner(s).

Section 7 - Discord Rules

Discord Information
- Invite link: https://discord.gg/3vSNnCc
- These rules generally apply to both voice and text channels in the Discord.
- Punishments for breaking the rules on Discord may result in loss permissions to type in certain channels all the way up to being permanently banned from the Discord server.

7.1 - Spamming
Spamming on the discord is not tolerated at all. Spamming refers to the repeated sending of messages. Spamming also refers to the sending of message(s) which are seemingly random (eg aodjeifjrerd9etu9jfeswg1234). If you are found to be spamming you will more than likely receive a warning from a staff member telling you to stop but do not be surprised if you are punished straight away.

7.2 - Profanity & Player Disrespecting
Profanity is allowed to be used in the Discord but same as the server they must not be derogatory e.g. homophobic & racial slurs. If the profanity is used in a malicious way to disrespect or insult players you may face disciplinary action against your discord account.

7.3 - Disruptive & Toxic users
If you are found to be purposely causing trouble (e.g. Trying to cause arguments) in the Discord you may face disciplinary action against you from the staff team.

7.4 - Advertising
Advertising is strictly forbidden. "Advertising" includes sharing a server IP, mentioning a server name or making reference to another server. You also may not advertise your YouTube/Twitch/Twitter/Swag account unless you have permission from an Admin. This "permission" is not permanent, it will only last that one time or until and Admin says it ends.

7.5 - Common sense
Try to use common sense when doing something on the Discord, if it's questionable then double check with a staff member. Do not try to bend the rules and expect to get away with it.

Section 8 - Terms of Service

8.1 - Terms of Service
By your use of the Broncin Network services, you agree to the rules listed here and our terms of service (viewable here: http://broncin.net/help/terms). If you do not agree to either the rules or terms of service, you may not make use of any of our services (as outlined in our terms).

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