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  1. Porki
    Porki SarahArtist
    why has azera been demoted
  2. ai.chemicals
    . there are so many pretty flowers in my father's garden.~
  3. RexRekts
  4. Spoiz0113
    Spoiz0113 Chicken
    happy bathday chik.
    I wuv u.
  5. neveldraz
    neveldraz Chicken
    Happy Birthday, Chicken!
  6. vocaloidrocket
    I like how after i put money on a MC server my game doesnt want me to play anmore.
  7. ILopezCrist
  8. Horselover6006
    Horselover6006 Hobo
    Happy Birthday ❤️
    1. Hobo
      Jun 19, 2017 at 3:54 PM
  9. Horselover6006
    "But she's so... well-read! And you're so... athletically inclined." -LeFou
  10. Awsomelogan2
    When u wonder was reporting yourself would do?
  11. Cameron lytle
  12. Cameron lytle
    Cameron lytle RexRekts
    hello rex
    remember me
    1. RexRekts
      Jun 18, 2017 at 5:59 AM
  13. Cameron lytle
    Cameron lytle Kartingst
    hey kart, when is your next video coming out, your yt is fire
  14. RexRekts
    RexRekts th3m3w
    Th3m3w your older than I thought.
    1. _exotic_
      he isn't 26 lol
      Jun 17, 2017
  15. RexRekts
    If your good at pvp, you're a cyber bully.
  16. neveldraz
    I'm proud to be black - said the black man, I am proud to be Asian- said the Asian man. I am proud to be white- said the racist
    1. ivan likes this.
    2. _exotic_
      I'm proud to be human- me
      Jun 17, 2017
    3. creepertec2000
      That's racist
      Jun 18, 2017 at 11:40 PM
  17. neveldraz
    neveldraz justifyletters
    Reallly? I said I am trying to become more active and you rated that funny....
    1. justifyletters
      I rated it funny since it's funny. You're trying to be active for the past few months and I never see you on.
      Jun 17, 2017
  18. ai.chemicals
    . getting my nails done.~ :DD.
  19. Spoiz0113
    Spoiz0113 Im_Cake
    i got ur pop
    1. Im_Cake likes this.
  20. RexRekts
    Do I hack?